Servo Turret-Horizontal
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NC-80-V8L_300,Servo Turret


Servo Turret

Servo motor is used to drive the cutter head to rotate, coupled with the relaxation of the hydraulic principle, a high-precision three-disc radial clutch, and the proximity switch feedback clutch action signal to perform bidirectional or arbitrary rapid tool change to increase work efficiency.
The appearance of the servo turret (370 KB)
Model Instructions
Project Unit NC-80-V8L_300
Allowed number of tools N 8
Center Height mm 80
Tool disc dimension mm 300
Neighboring tool changing time sec 0.4
Rotation and clamping sec 0.55
Farthest tool changing time sec 0.48
Rotation and clamping sec 0.64
Gear ratio for rotating   1:48
Hydraulic working pressure kg/c㎡ 35
Clamping force kg/c㎡ 2900
Hydraulic flow rate L/min 20
Indexing Accuracy Deg ±2"
Accuracy of repeatability Deg ±1"
Couolings type   Ø180 / 3pcs
Servo Motor Model   ECMA-CA0807RS
Weight kg 115
Appearance Size
Model  Item Specification
NC-0112-001-10 Turning tool Holder □25
NC-0112-003-10 Facing tool Holder □25
NC-0112-007-10 Boring tool Holder Ø40
NC-0112-008-10 High-speed drills tool Holder Ø40