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About Us
Dayu Gear Factory, established in 1978, produces gears, mechanical parts, auto parts, etc. With the advent of the technological age, it purchased computer automation equipment in March 1994, reorganized and transformed into JTP MAK Industrial Co., Ltd. processing and manufacturing More diverse products.

After 26 years of operation, JTP MAK Industrial Co., Ltd. has established a good market position and customer relationship. In this era of economic globalization, the company will continue to improve, innovate and renovate the organization, looking forward to a higher level, increase production and value, give back to the society, contribute to the world, and continue to operate.
Become a model in the industry, earn profits, share with all employees, give back to the society, and operate sustainably.
Future Goals
Constructing B.C.S.I.A is the company's brand image, demand, supply, information and development, global layout, and sustainable operation.
Establish a new benchmark and model for the machining service industry.