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Turret Introduction
We provide the best quality-power turret products-with servo turret rapid and accurate tool change performance, coupled with high-speed power shaft power milling to achieve excellent machining capabilities for turning, milling and compounding. Tool holder installation adopts high rigidity BMT installation The interface power transmission shaft uses a servo spindle motor to drive the power output. The maximum speed of the rotary tool can reach 5000RPM in the DIN1809 in-line method.
JTPMAK Equipment
Our company is positioned as a precision machining service industry. In recent years, it has been more committed to designing and developing new products and creating its own brand. In order to provide better product quality and service standards, our company specially introduced Japan's Okuma OKUMA series models to join the production ranks, including intelligent composite processing machines, horizontal and vertical processing machines and precision grinding machines, etc., and continue to develop new ones. Production technology strives to produce the best and most stable products with the shortest working hours and provide related services.

Sales Market
JTP is committed to meeting the needs of customers from all over the world, and taking this as a priority to spare no effort to provide customers with the best quality of service.